“Difficult-to-Process” Metal Materials

We provide materials that are “difficult-to-process” metal materials such as; aluminum, titanium, magnesium, molybdenum, hastelloy, etc.

Which are considered “difficult-to-cut” materials in metal material cutting. Though by etching, becomes possible to bring out various material

characteristics of these “difficult-to-process” metal materials. Organic materials (polyimide, etc.) are also available.


✔ Stainless Steel
✔ Copper
✔ Titanium
✔ Aluminium
✔ Nickel
✔ Manganese
✔ Brass
✔ Permalloy
✔ Amorphous
✔ Kovar
✔ Inconel
✔ Hastelloy
✔ Molybdenum
✔ Titanium Copper
✔ Beryllium Copper